To make woodburning more enjoyable and effective

Heating a home with wood is a mostly solitary activity that we do privately with little input from people outside the household. As a result, each of us develops our own techniques for the many tasks involved. But with so little outside influence, it is easy to get off on the wrong foot, or to take as valid some of the nonsense found on the internet or the opinions casually offered as fact by people with limited experience.

We at have been fortunate, not only to have been users for almost 40 years, but also to have made wood heating our profession for decades as well. As a result we have read most of the available research results, have spoken with most of the best informed people in the wood heating business in North America, and have heard thousands of regular people talk about their wood heating experiences. That has led us to make a study of wood heating technique.

We have noted that some people don't see that there is much technique involved and, even if there are some effective techniques, they don't see much point in telling people about it because people won't change the habits they have developed.

Our experience suggests that people can and do change their approach to wood heating if they are offered good information presented in a way that is encouraging and not condescending.

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