John Gulland - Writer and Manager

In addition to his deep background in the technology and use of woodburning systems, John brings strong management, policy and communications skills to He has managed nonprofit associations, large research and publication projects and staff activities in a variety of organizations, all related to wood heating. He has developed numerous wood heat policy documents covering issues such as government program policies, regulatory policy and professional training and certification policy. John has written three popular public information booklets on woodburning, including the Canadian federal government’s A Guide to Residential Wood Heating, of which 1 million copies have been distributed. He also developed the 500 page reference manual and 13 sets of course workbooks and instructor manuals for the Wood Energy Technical Training program.

Cal Wallis - Administration

Cal’s early work experiences as a school teacher and then as manager of an energy conservation public information program set the pattern for his later work in woodburning. In his twenty years of wood heat retailing, Cal helped thousands of householders learn the finer points of wood heating. He has heard and solved virtually every conceivable wood heating-related problem. He has given numerous public presentations about wood heat safety and technique, served as an accredited instructor for the Wood Energy Technical Training program, and has written dozens of wood heat newsletters and columns. All of this customer service and public communications experience equips him perfectly to head up our outreach programs, which include marketing, fundraising, donor and member services and the email discussion group. Compared to managing the finances of three retail stores, keeping our books in order is a relatively simple task. Cal keeps the discussion on our yahoogroups email list civil and on topic.

Amber Percival - Website Designer and Technican

Amber is a multi-talented woman who grew up around a wood stove store, has sold stoves in a retail showroom and is past-president of Urban Hearth, a hearth products distributorship started by her parents. She helped to design this web site and did all the technical work under the hood. Not only that, but Amber designed our logo, which we just couldn't be happier with. Like Cal and John, Amber no longer works in the wood heat industry, but maintains many of the relationships formed during her years in wood heat.